The Slade Gambit Download

Here’s your free short story. You can download it below in various formats. Happy reading! (If you have any problems, just email me: and I can send you the book)

Note: If you ended up here before reading my novel Worldwielder, definitely do so before checking out The Slade Gambit, as this story contains major spoilers for the novel, not to mention it won’t make any sense! You can find out more about Worldwielder by visiting the writing page.

Set two years before the events of Worldwielder, this story finds wanted rezuer Ringo Slade confronting the ghosts of his past… and running for his life. From the dark shanties of Miafina to the crowded indoor streets of Begran, experience the underbelly of the Gallery as seen through the eyes of Worldwielder’s most enigmatic character.