Young Adult Fantasy, 97,000 words

Completed, Currently Querying

Melissa Mabrey isn’t like other sixteen-year-olds. From the time she was four, she’s been able to see the colors of people’s minds, colors that reveal to her their true feelings, desires, and fears. She’s only met one other person who’s like her—her best friend Kyle. But two years ago, Kyle mysteriously disappeared, and she hasn’t heard a word from him since.

Until today. In a book carried by a stranger, Melissa finds a desperate plea for help from Kyle. Following his clues, she’s hurtled from our world into the Gallery, a gateway to millions of worlds, each entered through a painting.

But for Melissa, there’s nothing scarier than the unknown, and now she must traverse countless perilous worlds to find Kyle, fending off ruthless barbarians, the Gallery Guard, and her friend’s captors. Along the way, she’ll discover the truth about what she and Kyle are—a truth so terrifying her life will never be the same.

Children of the Claw

Young Adult Science-Fiction

Currently Writing

Two thousand years in the future, seventeen-year-old August’s life is upended when he’s abducted by a roving band of space pirates and thrown into a prison aboard their ship. To earn his freedom, he’s told he’ll have to become a murderer. But August has never been one to play by the rules, let alone accept defeat. Together with his fellow captives, he must find a way to escape and stop the monsters who put him here – all while keeping his humanity intact.

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